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16 09 2010


Configure kernel Parameters  – Oracle

Database 11g installation on Solaris

Database 10gR2 o Solaris install..

Oracle 11gR2 DeInstall..

Installing Grid Agent to a target host


RMAN – Veritas NetBackup Integration

Oracle 11gR2, RMAN, NetBackup, and the Media Layer (MML)

Duplicating a database has never been so easy! (11gR2 new feature)

RMAN backup RAC Example

Disaster Recovery..Netbackup, oracle10g

RMAN notes

Duplicate database on Same host

Restore the RMAN backup of a RAC to a Single Instance

How To Restore RAC Database to Single Instance On Another Node

Cloning RAC ASM to non-RAC ASM

How to Duplicate a Standalone Database: ASM to ASM


good Technical notes

Recovering ASM based OCR & Voting disk 11gR2

RMAN cold backup for RAC, how ?

Tracing DBCA

Tracing VIP RAC

Oracle RAC Load balancing and fail over

Run jobs in a particular instance using services

RAC Workload Management

Simple steps to install RAC on Solaris

OPatch supported patch methods in RAC environment

TAF – Transparent Application Failover


Cloning RAC database (RAC – RAC)

Configuration example of Oracle ASM on Solaris…..

How to create ASM on Solaris Volume Manager

ASM problem’s..KFOD

RAC articles

ASM Adding and Removing Disks


TOP 100 sql for DBA -pdf

DBA Monitoring menu…

Tracing DBCA


Statspack in a nutshell

How to use ASH

RAC interconnect Tuning

SQL Tuning Advisor – commands

SQL Tuning made easy in 10g

Statspack Examples

Tuning ‘logfine sync’ Event waits

Stats pack / AWR

Troubleshooting / SQL plan files

Oracle session-level performance snapshot utility

ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor) in 10g

How to run AWR report ?

How to create AWR report Manually

Ordering sequence of execution plan steps

Daily Monitoring Script

Solve database Tuning Problems….


RMAN Data Recovery Advisor in Oracle 11g – scenario based explanation

Data block Corruption and performing block media Recovery

RMAN Recovery Scenarios

RMAN backup restore and ALL SCRIPTS ….

Disaster Recovery, RMAN, (11gR2)

Dataguard Creation in 10g using RMAN


Oracle DBA Scripts..


Setting up OID (LDAP) for TNS resolution

Installing identity management 11gR1


Veritas Netbackup -command line

Restoring a Database from Veritas NetBackup

Oracle DBA Solutions…

Oracle Internals, Investigations, scripts

Oracle Internet Directory (OID) 11g installation….

How to create Oracle Service in 11gR2

Setting up Streams…

OEM user auditing

Configure SSH in three steps

Oracle DBA examples

Setting up Multiple Listeners

Build a simple firewall using sql*Net